Leadership SC Class Projects

Putting action to leadership is a vital component of Leadership SC and since 2005, has donated more than $500,000 to needy communities.

Each class is asked to challenge themselves with 100% participation; each class is asked to use remaining funds for a scholarship for the following year’s class; and asked to join the LSC Alumni Association.

*Designates – Scholarship for the next LSC class was included in the project. 

Class of 2021*

Project Paint the Way seeks to help Robert E. Howard Middle School focus on the academic achievement of their students by providing necessary resources for the students’ social emotional heath—The Clothes Closet—and by providing professional painting services to the interior of the building.

Class of 2019*

Flood Recovery & Assistance: Raised funds to assist communities with weather-realted recovery efforts. Class worked with regional foundation specializing in housing rehabilitation on home devasted by historic flooding. Project lives on as part of St. Bernard Project.

Class of 2018*

Johnston Town Park Partnership: Worked with Mayor of Johnston, SC in Edgefield county to provide Phase One of a much needed town park for recreation, fellowship and community development. This project lives on as part of Johnston’s Park & Recreation.

Class of 2017*

Inspire a Career provides students, particularly those in rural school districts, with greater access to more diverse career opportunities by establishing a direct connection between the education community and business community members willing to participate in career-focused classroom or school-wide events.

Class of 2015

High School Drop-Out Prevention: Created GradUate SC, a program to encourage middle school and high school students to strive for a diploma. The Program will be implemented through the Jefferson Foundation Awards with funds raised by the class.

Class of 2014*
At-Risk Youth Project: Leveled Literacy Intervention Training, news conference, book drive and literacy awareness 5K and Fun Run.

Class of 2013*
Senior Care Issues: The Class created an awareness campaign for Senior Hunger Relief totaling $100,000 in donations – $50,000 in funds and two Honda Odyssey minivans. A logo and theme were incorporated into a video that was aired during Senior Awareness Week. A SC Joint Resolution was approved by the House and Senate declaring May 16, 2013 as Sustaining Our Seniors, “SOS” Day in conjunction with the Lt. Gov. Office. The campaign culminated with a public announcement event on the State House with the Lt. Gov. and Honda of SC presenting the minivan keys to two senior community centers for Meals-On-Wheels programs. The additional proceeds – $15,000 – were given to the SC Food Bank Association to provide senior hunger relief for all SC food banks.

Class of 2012*
The Class raised $28,681.69 for the SC Special Olympics, participated in the opening event, and staffed and managed a major event during the Mid-Winter Games in Charleston. Accumulated volunteer hours were in excess of 1,295 hours. A copy of the final project report is available.

Class of 2011*
The Class adopted Public Education as their project focus and completed two projects. The first project, SCMinds@Work, was a promotional campaign to raise awareness of public education in conjunction with SC Chamber of Commerce. The class set a goal of 1,000+ new people registered on the website and made presentations to other groups and organizations.

The second project was an adoption of a SC Priority School, a school with high poverty, high free or reduced lunches, and low test scores. Blenheim Elementary Middle School in Marlboro County was adopted. The class held project work days (2) to assemble and install two sets of bleachers and 8 benches for outdoor use. They also assembled utility carts for teachers. In all, they raised over $10,000 to pay for these items and the remainder was given to the school PTA for student needs, including athletic equipment and supplies, student personal care items, shoes, eye glasses, clothes, school supplies and books.

Class of 2010*
The Class raised nearly $70,000 to install 14 touch and standard Promethean Boards for the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind. They also renovated one full dormitory that needed painting, repairing, and new bedding. They established special project volunteer work days (5) and volunteered time to do the work. The goal of the project was to improve educational outcomes for visual and hearing impaired students, enhance instruction through technology, and create a positive living and learning environment in the resident halls. Members of the class contributed their professional services to complete this project (i.e. architects, IT professionals, teachers, engineers).

Class of 2009*
The Class raised funds in support of SC Food Banks and its association. They set a goal of $100,000 with their campaign “Hunger Never Takes a Break” to provide meals to children and families on summer break. They worked with all the Food Banks in SC, had a website developed, as well as a PR campaign and presentations. They held a culminating press conference when they reached their goal of One-Million-Meals for the Summer.

Class of 2008*
The Class researched statistics in SC public education and created a presentation in support of public education funding in South Carolina. The report was presented to twelve different professional groups in support of Jim Rex’s strategy for funding public education. They also raised funds to help support the library at Bridge Creek High School.

Class of 2007*
Assisted with the Riley Institute project – partnered with the Class of 2006 to hold an event focusing on education with the result of a white paper report that was given to the Riley Institute on the benefit of parental involvement in education. The money raised from the event held in Columbia was used to start the Leadership South Carolina Educational Foundation.

Class of 2006*
The Class of 2006’s project included writing editorials and participating in a Lexile study on education. Lexile is a study that reviewed entry level qualifications and manuals across sectors in SC and developed levels of education needed to perform certain jobs adequately. Their report was presented to the SC Education Oversight Committee and is now a part of the SC Pathways to Success in support of higher education in the state. The Class of 2006 and 2007 held an event with the Riley Institute at Furman to present the report at an event in Columbia on February 26, 2008.

Class of 2005*
The Class of 2005’s project was comprised of several smaller projects. Their first initiative was to develop a database of LSC alumni. The group hired an intern to update the Alumni list by tracking down missing alumni, updating profiles with current information, and adding new community development activities. The class also raised funds to launch the LSC website. Third, the class created the charter for the LSC Alumni Association and pledged 100% participation in the newly created alumni group. The class also raised money for a scholarship for an under-represented county in the state.


As the oldest state organization dedicated to leadership development, Leadership SC nurtures a deeper sense of service and civic engagement for the betterment of all South Carolinians.

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