What to Expect

What to Expect

Expect to be challenged.

Leadership South Carolina is not for those who want to sit on the sidelines. Prepare to learn more about the Palmetto State in an environment that is uniquely "South Carolinian."

We believe the best way to positively impact the state is through education and awareness of the most pressing challenges facing South Carolina today so that beneficial outcomes will be part of our state's future.

Expect to network.

Each class is a diverse group of 50 individuals, participating in our nine-month program of informational sessions on current issues and the opportunity to freely discuss those issues with provocative experts and professionals. Every session has opportunities to network and develop relationships with other highly motivated participants.

Expect to explore.

The core program of six 3-day sessions runs from September to April of each year. Sessions typically begin midmorning Wednesday and run through midmorning Friday. One session, other than the mandatory Orientation Session, during the class year may be missed without penalty.

Participants will complete 120+ hours of instruction in all aspects of challenges that face South Carolinians and complete a project of statewide impact.

Leadership South Carolina is the only statewide leadership development program that examines the entire state and searches for beneficial outcomes.

Expect to take action.

Each year, the class develops, creates and implements a class project to benefit the state which culminates their Leadership South Carolina experience. Many class projects raise awareness of a particular issue, provide funding for an underrepresented organization, or create a fundraising campaign to assist a charity.

Upon completion of Leadership South Carolina, participants are ready to serve on statewide board or commissions, run for public office, or hold city, town, or county offices. Most graduates serve on at least one community organization, many supporting three or more influential organizations, such as the United Way, SC Bar Foundation, SC First Steps, American Red Cross, and South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

While we accept applications year-round, applications for the next class MUST be received before MAY 15th to be considered. Early applications will be considered first.

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Calendar Dates for Class of 2020


Orientation: Creating a Baseline of Knowledge                 September 4-6, 2019


Natural Resources, Energy & Environment                          October 9-11, 2019

Seabrook Island

Public Education & Workforce                                           November 13-15, 2019


Social Issues & Health                                                          January 22-24, 2020

Greenwood (subject to confirmation)

SC Economy                                                                        February 19-21, 2020

Spartanburg (subject to confirmation)


Legislative Day                                                                         March 19, 2020



Future Challenges                                                                   April 22-24, 2020                                  
Litchfield Beach  (subject to confirmation)                                                                                       


Graduation Ceremony                                                             April 23, 2020
Litchfield Beach (subject to confirmation)


SC Day of Service - Open to Everyone                                    May 16, 2020