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Micah Caskey

Class of: 2018

Industry: Legal Services, Government and Public Administration, Elected Officials

Micah Caskey's professional experiences span the globe -- encompassing over 15 years of leadership in law, business, military operations, and project management. He has prosecuted violent criminals, delivered 400% ROI to Fortune 500 companies inside the Arctic Circle, lead military units in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, guided small businesses through Byzantine government regulations, and volunteered countless hours to non-profit organizations.

In addition to his undergraduate and law degrees, Micah holds an MBA in International Business from U.S. News & World Report's #1 ranked international business program. He is a Spanish speaker, an Eagle Scout, and a tireless advocate for veteran issues.

In addition to his private law practice at Caskey Law Firm, P.A., Micah serves the people of South Carolina as an elected Representative in the South Carolina House of Representatives.