Columbia 2019 Session

Leadership South Carolina

Creating a Baseline of Knowledge – December 4, 5, 6, 2019

(Previously scheduled for September)


This is the session that was supposed to be your first taste of Leadership South Carolina but was rescheduled after Hurricane Dorian.


Our December session is filled with information to help you on your way to understanding the challenges that our state faces.

We start with “Situational Leadership: Building Great Teams” [NOTE:  there is Brief HOMEWORK!! Listed below] then we’ll hear about our state’s history with a renown historian Dr. Rodger Stroup.  Day Two is an in-depth look at the capital city’s structure, Day Three will have an economic forecast and a trip to the SC Emergency Management Division.

You’ll have time on Day One for your Project Proposals – please send them in to me.


HOMEWORK:  1) Read one Leadership Article from Ken Blanchard with the class -

2) A List of your Direct Reports, and

3) The primary reason people in your organization leave (voluntary)


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See you soon


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