Class Project: Inspire a Career

The Leadership South Carolina Class of 2017 is proud to present:




INSPIRE A CAREER provides students, particularly those in rural school districts, with greater access to more diverse career opportunities by establishing a direct connection between the education community and business community members willing to participate in career-focused classroom or school-wide events.

INSPIRE A CAREER is an interactive website ( in which members of the business community (an “Inspirer”) can register for free and identify their occupation, skills or interests and indicate the geographical area in which the Inspirer would be willing to serve. Educators, guidance counselors, and other organizers of career-focused events have free access to INSPIRE A CAREER to search and filter the registered Inspirers to find the Inspirers that meet the criteria for their particular classroom or school event.

Once the Inspirer is found, INSPIRE A CAREER connects the educator and the Inspirer directly for specific communications regarding the Inspirer’s participation.

INSPIRE A CAREER provides the solution to the challenge the education community and students face: lack of direct engagement and/or access to a diverse, business community. This challenge is particularly apparent in rural school districts.

South Carolina is rich in opportunities for higher education and employment. However, the limited resources of the education community often make it difficult to recruit participation and involvement by the business community. Additionally, members of the business community may be willing and excited to share their experience or knowledge, but have not previously had access to a pathway of engagement with schools and students. Thus, the rich opportunities available in the State have not been shared and students are discouraged by their perceived limited opportunities.

INSPIRE A CAREER is a free, user-friendly, way to bridge the gap between the education and the business community and provides the platform for the education community to engage with willing members of the business community. INSPIRE A CAREER’S connectivity provides a rich resource benefitting the students of our State.

Become an Inspirer – join INSPIRE A CAREER today by visiting