Leadership South Carolina Elections 2022

Please nominate up to 3 members to represent the 2022 Class on the LSC Board of Trustees for a two-year term.


  1. Must Attend (at least two in-person) QUARTERLY board meetings. Many of our Board meetings coincide with class sessions; important to have time to attend in person.
  2. Must join the Alumni Association ($100 annually);
  3. Must participate in our upcoming alumni programs;
  4. Must serve on at least one Committee (Recruitment & Selection; Finance; Program; Alumni; Development)
  5. Must identify and recommend participants for Leadership South Carolina;
  6. Must assist with our dynamic topical sessions and identify emerging experts;
  7. Must support LSC financially with a personal contribution of $500 or more, and other (or professional – ‘give or get’) contributions to support our events and programming.

Based on your nominees, the Board of Trustees will select up to three 2022 Class members to represent your class for a two-year term.

The results will be announced during our Legislative Day, April 21, 2022.

My Nominees are:

Results will be announced during our Legislative Day.


As the oldest state organization dedicated to leadership development, Leadership SC nurtures a deeper sense of service and civic engagement for the betterment of all South Carolinians.

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