We cultivate future leaders.

Leadership South Carolina, established in 1979 by the Governor’s Office and the South Carolina business community is the oldest and most respected of the statewide leadership programs, providing gifted and highly motivated South Carolinians an opportunity to advance their leadership qualities while broadening their understanding of issues facing the state.

Each year, we select about 50 highly motivated candidates from hundreds of possible applications for Leadership South Carolina’s nine-month core program (September to April). Our goal is to develop and inform the best and brightest so they can serve on statewide boards and commissions, run for public office, and find a non-profit passion that will positively impact their community. We develop leaders who will advance the state of South Carolina from various economic, social, and business vantage points.

We are a comprehensive leadership development organization with a statewide focus reaching across all employment sectors, geographic areas, and demographic segments. We strive for excellence and diversity to ensure that our organization reflects South Carolina’s make-up.

Our Vision:

South Carolina must have inspiring leadership if it is to remain globally competitive. Therefore, Leadership SC seeks to identify community leaders to participate in our premier statewide leadership program as our graduates are better-informed, energized, and networked to develop and pursue solutions that positively impact businesses, communities, the state, and the region.


As the oldest state organization dedicated to leadership development, Leadership SC nurtures a deeper sense of service and civic engagement for the betterment of all South Carolinians.

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